The Dominican express divorce is a completely valid divorce.

Dominican Law No. 142, enacted on May 18th, 1971 on DIVORCES, requires that both parties mutually agree to
the divorce and applies to Dominican spouses residing abroad, as well as to foreigners that aren't residents of
the country. The law provides that both spouses declare their consent before the Dominican consul of their
home country and issue a power of attorney to a Dominican lawyer. At least one of the spouses has to be
physically present at the hearing, while the other spouse is duely represented throug the power of attorney.

You only need to stay in the Dominican Republic for 24 hours for the court hearing. The consequent divorce
sentence is issued 2-3 weeks after the court hearing.

Required Documents:

1.) Special Power of Attorney: has to be signed by the consenting spouse absent for the court appearance before
a Dominican Notary Public, designating one of our lawyers to represent said party before the judge,
submitting him/herself into the jurisdiction of the Dominican court and consenting to the divorce. This document
may also be signed before the Dominican Consul of your country.

2.) Copy of the Marriage Certificate (translated by a judicial interpreter into Spanish).

3.) Copy of the Birth Certificates of the Children (if any; also translated by a judicial interpreter into Spanish).

4.) Separation or Property Distribution Agreement (not mandatory, with an additional minimum cost of 0.2 to 0.5%
of the he total value of properties to be distributed).

5.) Filling out the Information Sheet.

In the Cost of US$1,900 are included:
* Professional fees
* Trip to the court house (Sosua - Santo Domingo - Sosua)
* Drafting of settlement agreement
* Official fees and taxes to be paid to court

Valid by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the United Status Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
of the United States of America.

Before going ahead with a Dominican divorce, parties are advised to consult local counsel to determine its legality
in their place of residence.

Conventional divorce:
If both spouses mutually agree to get a divorce and are located in the Dominican Republic,
a conventional divorce might be the right choice.
Our fee for a conventional/ mutual divorce: US$675
Jurisdiction: Puerto Plata or Santiago.

Our attorneys are at your disposal to assist you with more information on Dominican Proxy Divorces to
Dominican residency permits, incorporating Dominican companies, offshore companies, or translation services
by court certified judicial interpreters, as well as our current costs and fees. Don't hesitate to contact us.
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