The DR offers probably the fastest period of residency in order to obtain legal citizenship via naturalization in
the world. Its close proximity to the US, plus favorable tax benefits for its citizens may make an intelligent
investment  for those seeking a second citizenship. In addition, it offers an excellent safe haven to go to in times
of trouble.

The application for naturalization (to become a naturalize citizen) is prepared and deposited only after an
applicant has obtained Permanent Residency Status.  Some clients that come from countries that prohibit dual
citizenship may elect to stay with Permanent Residency status and not move forward with naturalization.

Most countries recognize and accept dual citizenship, including both the United States of America and the
Dominican Republic.  Becoming a citizen of the Dominican Republic is only an option and in no way affects
the applicant's ability to work, own a business, own real estate, etc.

The Naturalization Process takes about 1 year to complete.  There is not much for the applicant to do, than to find
a competent attorney to assist with the file preparation and related certifications that must be obtained.
The paperwork goes into the application, and the file is passed through a number of government offices.
The President of the Dominican Republic signs off on all naturalizations via decree.

One of the requirement is the interview. The applicant will be asked to demonstrate knowledge of the country
and some basic historical facts. Once this interview has been successfully completed, the only other
visit requirement is for the swearing in ceremony which is held once a month with all the other new citizens
gathered   together as a group. After  the ceremony, your naturalization documents are completed
and certified, allowing for you to apply for a Dominican passport (which takes approximately one day), and
apply for your new Dominican Identification and voting card (Cedula de Identidad y Electoral)
(which takes approx. 45 days).

During your next visit in the Dominican Republic our attorneys will assist you in every step to obtain your
residency permit. Then in a few years, help you get your naturalization and citizenship.

Our attorneys have experience in immigration, residence and passport matters. In addition, we also have best
contacts within the government. Think of it: your own personal attorney and interpreter with contacts within
the government to help you through the process of obtaining your Residency Permit Card and a 2nd Passport.
Whether this appeals to your sense of security or a sense of travel and adventure, a Residency Card or
a 2nd Passport might be a requirement for your piece of mind.
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Lic. Brigitte Stuckmann & Asocs.
Law office Dominican Republic
Attorney at law and interpreter for English, Spanish and German.
Master's degree and studies in civil procedure law (PUCMM)
Master's degree and studies in real estate law (UAPA)
Lic. Brigitte Stuckmann is member of the Dominican Bar Association
Lic. B. Stuckmann